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About me

Ralph-SmitI am Ralph Smit and I design and develop websites, imagery and layouts for a wide variety of clients,  based on my broad experience in designing and depicting plans and programs in architecture and urban planning. I have great sympathy and affinity for the arts in general. I do some music-making myself, I work at the Korzo dance theatre and every June I work at the yearly theatre festival of Oerol, on the island of Terschelling.

I try to apply my experiences and creativity in approaching my clients and their product. Among these are – not surprisingly – quite some architects and artists, but of course also plenty inspiring clients from other markets and disciplines. I intend to serve each with a free-thinking and open approach to whatever exciting new plans and ideas they have in mind!

Contact me

T: +31 (0)6 285 33 582

E: info@werkplaatsvoorruimte.nl

Workshop for Web resides in Co-working office ‘RS 36’ in The Hague.

de Ruyterstraat  36
2518 AS The Hague