In One page this web site guides you through the story of allround  design office Crystallize and it’s owner Vincent’s philosophy



Cooplink connects Dutch co-operative housing initiatives and offers them a knowledge, forums for sharing information and a lace on the web to present themselves. Site design by Reinier Hamel

SA Design

For this Dutch architect I redesigned and constructed a new web site based on her original site’s design, with contemporary techniques.


Oud-collega Carl van de Rijzen is alweer enige jaren succesvol met zijn onderneming voor 3D prints en visualisaties. Ik heb met veel plezier gewerkt aan het bouwen van een geheel nieuwe website voor VisualFirst.

Fysio de Knegt

Local Physiotherapist’s new website focusses on their core specializations. Web design in collaboration with Philein, who was also responsible for logo and corporate design.


A new site for this technical consultancy agency shows their extensive knowledge and experience, their professionalism and the job offers

GS Consultancy

(NL) Een zakelijke site voor dit jonge consultancy-bureau met uitgebreide aandacht voor de disciplines en het opdrachtenportfolio.


Designed as an interactive album cover, this site went live at the 20th anniversary of this The Hague based punk rock formation.

Studio Bedaux

Without the use of a CMS, architect Marieke Bedaux can still easily update her content with a simple upload procedure. PHP does the work of finding any new content and showing it on the right spot.

WPD architectuur

A clear and simple portfolio site for architect Frans Dirks, built in PHP on a Workshop design.